Air Mattresses: Shopping Guide

Air beds are versatile and can be used on several occasions be it a picnic, swimming, or sleeping for your guests or yourself. Besides versatility, there are more reasons why air mattresses are an excellent idea. If you have limited space in your apartment, then an air mattress will come in handy. Moreover, with an air mattress, you will have better hygiene standards and will not have to worry about unpleasant smells common in traditional mattresses. Already hooked right? If you are thinking about purchasing your first air mattresses, there are a couple of brands in the market. Nevertheless, you need to know a few things beforehand.


Before settling on a given brand of an air mattress, you need first to determine its use. If it’s for camping, then an air bed made of PVC or nylon would be an ideal choice. This is because such materials are less likely to puncture in the woods. Furthermore, get an air mattress that is thick, waterproof and has a textured bottom. On the other end, if the mattress is for occasional overnight guests, then select an air bed made of high quality so that it can survive through repeated usage.


The other most important aspect to investigate before buying an air mattress is its inflation. Air beds that can hold air the entire night are more reliable than those which don’t. It is also great to note that most air mattresses will deflate a little during usage because of the weight of the sleeper and temperature alterations. That said the best quality air bed loses a small amount of air in a single night.

Pump Mechanism

The other factor you need to consider before purchasing an air bed is the manner in which you will inflate and deflate it. Air mattresses sold together with pumps offer value for your money since the device will help you to inflate or deflate any size of a mattress in a matter of minutes as opposed to trying to inflate it with your mouth.


Thickness of the air bed is also another feature to keep in mind. The thicker the air bed, the comfier it is for you or your guests. Great width and thickness will ensure the sleeper does not sink into the floor.

Air Mattress Accessories

If you do not mind spending some extra cash, then you can get an air bed with more fun features. For example, you could get an air mattress with some in built LED light that one can use at night for bathroom breaks. Other features include a USB port that charges one’s phone, laptop or tablet overnight. While others are equipped with automatic sensor pumps that add in air at night if it’s low that way it maintains the mattress’s firmness the entire night.

Now that you know the benefits and have the guide to purchasing an air mattress, it’s time for you to get one today.