Ebates Legit?

Ebates is an online cash back website founded in America in 1998. Its headquarter is in San Francisco, CA. The website is actually not a shopping portal but a portal that gives you cash back when you shop through their affiliate links. They have cash back offers and coupons from almost more than 2,000 online retailers. This makes it a win win for all the parties.

Ebates gets paid by the merchants and shares a part of it with the shoppers who buy from its affiliate links. Not to forget the merchants get paid by the shoppers. Now they have also started cash backs on in store purchases, which is more than what the shoppers could dream of. To get started you just need to create a free account and you can avail your first $10 gift card whenever you make a purchase of $25. Let’s see what are some of the major pros and cons in this Ebates review.


1 – Ebates offers you a variety of shops where you can do your shopping. Just use their ‘all stores’ option to see the whole list of places where you can shop.

2 – Most of the time you end up with a lot of savings for purchases you would have already made.

3 – Another good thing is that the payments are regular, every 3 months, which seem a lot as a lump sum amount.This also makes it easy for the payee to cash out the check when the amount is significant, rather than going to the bank for every small transaction. For those who prefer PayPal, do not worry, the second payment method offered by Ebates is PayPal.

4 – Ebates browser button has made it a lot easier for the shoppers to find out how much cash back they can save while shopping online. Once they find their required product online, Ebates browser button immediately notifies them of their savings and they can instantly use it.

5 – Best of all now you can get cash back with Ebates, on in store purchases as well. It does not matter if you are an occasional shopper, your points will not expire.


For newbie users, it seems really difficult to remember going to the Ebates website every time they have to make a purchase, but shoppers get used it after some time.Some people find quarterly payments as inconvenient.

ConclusionMost of the people who hear about Ebates for the first time, think about it as a scam. It is a perfectly genuine concern, however with some research and observing feedbacks from some real profiles on the web, it can be ascertained that Ebates is no where a scam. It is a perfectly genuine company and many shoppers enjoy the quarterly checks that they receive on their shopping. Better start using it from today. Happy Ebating!